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CLIMA Papaya Juice Processing Line & Fruit Processing Machine

Based in China, CLIMA (China Light Insdustry Machinery Association) are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of various fruit processing machine and fresh tropical fruit processing machine.

CLIMA can supply different clima fruit processing machine & tropical fruit processing machine, such as papaya puree, apple juice, orange juice, papaya juice, grape juice and pineapple juice. Pure juice can be filled in PET plastic bottles using a hot filling system, then placed incartons. For concentrated juice, the clima fruit processing machine usually uses aseptic bag packing,followed by iron drums for transportation.

Our expertises in Aseptic Systems and Evaporators have made our fruit processing machine a renowned name in the market. The huge gamut of fruit processing machine and fresh clima fruit processing machine includes pulp processing plant, aseptic filling line, fruit pulper, sugar dissolution, chopping system, thermal evaporators, food processing line, fruit puree line, bin dumpers, intelligent vision system, fruit washing machine, fruit sorting machine and others is been widely supplied across the country. These are provided with customized solutions along with after sales service which includes Installation Training and Operational Training.

Thanks to CLIMA's technical & developing team with rich experiences over 20 years and 11 whole fruit processing lines, CLIMA has been taking digesting the worldwide advanced processing technology and branding top maker of fruit procssing machine in China' as its own mission for a long time. CLIMA are always ready and expecting chances to serve any customers worldwide for fruit processing machine.

CLIMA fruit processing machine
Fruit Processing Line
CLIMA fruit processing machine
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Extractor of fruit processing machine
Cold Extractor
CLIMA fruit processing machine
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Fruit Enzyme Inactivator machine
Enzyme Inactivator
CLIMA fruit processing machine
Flexible choice time/temperature, High pectin solubization...
Evaporator of Fruit processing machine
CLIMA fruit processing machine
Multi product evaporator: juices and purees...