Papaya Juice Processing Line
Tropical Fruit Processing Machine

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CLIMA Papaya Puree Processing Line & Fruit Procssing Machine

What you can get :
(1) Process know-how.
(2) Pre-investment studies.
(3) Feasibility / project reports.
(4) Detailed engineering.
(5) Turn key projects.
(6) Equity capital participation.
(7) Raw material testing .
(8)After sales services .
Order confirmation :
(1) Detail specification confirmation with customer.
(2) Engineering design.
(3) Discussion design with customer.
(4) Sample manufacture.
(5) Design improvement and sample modification.
(6) Confirming sample.
(7) Confirming order.
Assembly and installation in local
(9) After being inspected by customer or by third party representative. The goods shall be sent to customer by sea containers or vessels.
(10) We will send experienced engineers to customer's workshop for instructing assembly.
(11) Our engineers will go to site for installation instruction.
(12) We will help customers to set up their own installation team in local.
(13) We will train local workers for tower maintenance and repair.

CLIMA fruit processing machine
Fruit Processing Line
CLIMA fruit processing machine
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CLIMA fruit processing machine
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