Papaya Juice Processing Line
Tropical Fruit Processing Machine

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3D View of the Papaya Fruit Processing Line

This papaya fruit processing line is compsed of fruit washing section, Sorting table, Elevator, Giubileo cold extractor, Giubileo hot refiner, ETS enzyme inactivator, Olimpic Sterilizer.

fruit processing machine

CLIMA has been developed to meet the demands of today's papaya fruit processing machinery. We devote ourselves to the development of innovative machinery to improve overall operating efficiency, minimize downtime for maintenance, and, most important, reduce capital investments.

Tropical Fruit Processing Line
CLIMA fruit processing machine
The layout would be important for your plant...
Cold Extractor
CLIMA fruit processing machine
Reduced pectolytic enzymes in puree, No pigments in puree...
Enzyme Inactivator
CLIMA fruit processing machine
Flexible choice time/temperature, High pectin solubization...
CLIMA fruit processing machine
Multi product evaporator: juices and purees...